ByFrederic team will take part in the marathon “100 km Millau”

Team ByFrederic: Frédéric Chavigny Svétlana Chavigny Yaroslav Lagoida Igor Motko Oleg Prykhodko Serguei Danilyouk


Shpola-Agro Industry entered the top 100 for the Ukrainian Agrarian

The awards ceremony that names the top 100 agricultural companies in Ukraine took place on April 24, 2014, in Kiev. Organizer of the event, magazine The Ukrainian Farmer, together with 23 market analysts have identified the best companies in the Ukrainian agricultural market. There were 20 nominations and five nominees per category. It is...

pleasant to note that our company “Shpola-Agro Industry” has also been recognized as one of the top 100 agricultural companies by industry experts and public persons. Our company was nominated as Best foreign investor. Frederic Chavigny – Head of multicorporate enterprise By Frederic, which “Shpola-Agro Industry” belonges to, noted that is not the first year the... [read more]


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