Frederic Chavigny

Frederic Chavigny started agro-business in Ukraine since 1991

Frédéric Chavigny
I am originally from France – Châteaudun region. I tugged all my life to became a professional in the agricultural sector. My first visit to Ukraine took place in 1991 and after more then 20 years of hard work, I have created one of the largest seed companies, which supplies some of the best hybrids in the world not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan. Beside this I found out about many companies that produce equipment for agricultural enterprises while long and detailed process of choosing agricultural equipment for my own needs. I am really grateful to my partners for their help in machinery design modifications to improve efficiency. After that I decided that I can offer the equipment with the same modification to other farmers. In such a way the concept Fram appeared. All the machinery we offer, is being tested in our fields.
My principles – are long-term and mutually beneficial based on trust. During the year I can make a visit to the field of my partner to check the process of seeds growing, to give some piece of advice and to plan our future cooperation.

My actions are always aimed at the development. For time and the world does not stay still, most urban growth over the next 25 years will be in the world’s population it is to be increased for more than one third. Our task is to provide people with food. So there is a need in such agrarian like me.

«Прошлое не в моде. Я работаю на создание будущего. Новых гибридов, новых, более качественных семян»

Frédéric Chavigny на поле
Another interet of Frederic Chavigny is cross country rally.
He participates Dakar Rally that has been held in South America each january since 2009. During summer time Frederick participates Silk Way rally in Russia

Team video (DAKAR 2014)

Качественная сельскохозяйственная техника FRAM: культиваторы, зерновые сеялки, плуги и дискаторы / Украина, Россия, Грузия /

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