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Multicorporate enterprise “ByFrederic”

Multicorporate enterprise “ByFrederic” is an international agricultural enterprise specialized in seeds sales( it is reffered to such crops as maize, sunflower, rape, soybean etc.) as well as sales and services of agricultural equipment. Currently group of companies consists of seven representative offices: two of them are in Ukrane (v.Shpola,Tcherkassy region and Kiev), five of them are in Russia( Moscow, Saratov, Rostov, Krasnodar, Pavlovskaya). Moreover the enterprise continues to go foward and nowdays is presented in Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

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no-till precisa 8000


Сеялка пневматическая точного высева

Multicorporate enterprise “ByFrederic”

One of the most important things about this enterprise and its Head is high-quality products and confidence in our partners.

These two principles are main axes of the company activity. Speaking of sales in the seeds division: every long-term client knows if he buys seeds from Frederic the crop is going to be outstanding. And when it comes to agricultural equipmemt sales for tillage or for sowing, then the client is to be sure to be provided with wide range of services such as selection, purchase, delivery, setup and machinery maintenance.
In view of the fact that Frederic uses the same equipment in his own field we can assume that our experience is to some extend a guarantee of quality.

Multicorporate enterprise “ByFrederic” has well-defined structure, for more details please look through this web site to find out our activities you are the mostly interested in.


По вопросам сотрудничества обращайтесь по телефону + 38 (044) 525 26 75