Shpola-Agro Industry

Seeds production of maize, sunflower hybrids etc.


Shpola-Agro Industry is presented in the market since 2003

Currently the main focus area of the company – is cultivation of sunflower and maize seeds.
In order to produce great quantities of hybrid seeds, two kinds of parental lines are needed, a seed parent which is usually male sterile and a pollen parent. Once hybrid is harvested the seeds are transferred to the plant where these seeds are being cleaned, calibrated, dressed and incrustated. After we complete processing the final product is packed and goes on sale.
At the very beginning the company owned 3,000 hectares of land and now we possess 15,000 hectares. Since 2006 we started to use a new technology of sowing no-till. Frederick borrowed this technology in Argentina, and we bought our first seed drills from Argentinian company Giorgi.

In fact, we were the pioneers to introduce no-till technology in Ukraine.

We also plant out winter wheat, barley, rape, soybean and pea for crop rotation and for our own needs.
To perform a complete cycle of seed production in 2012 the former sugar factory in Shpola was bought and at the moment the factory is in the final stage of its refurbishment as a seed plant.
Our plans also include an increase in acreage due to the launch of the plant at full capacity.
Шпола-Агро Индустри

Shpola-Agro Industry

According to oral information provided by Director of Shpola-Agro Industry optimum area for growing seeds is about 25,000 hectares

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